Welcome to Forall Family!

At Forall Phones we are making premium technology affordable while addressing social and environmental issues. More than changing the rules of the game, we are building a community of sustainability-driven changemakers.

Step by step, we are changing the world. Why not join us? Become a Shaper and embrace our mission. 

Community Shapers

Shapers are university students who, more than study, want to leave a positive mark in our society. They are in a mission to make our world more sustainable. A Shaper is an idealist – committed to a bigger cause, but pragmatic – identifying his/her contribution and making things happen.

Good communicator



Motivated & 


Applications ongoing \\ Next selection phase: September 2019.

Community Shapers
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The Shaper journey

Our Shapers go through a journey that matches opportunities with the level of knowledge and skills they have developed. It’s our way to recognize their work and to constantly challenge them.

You just started your engagement with our brand. Your curiosity will drive you to give the first steps into the business world, taking part in our sales process. You will mainly work as a brand ambassador, helping us sell our products and promoting what we do. Step by step you will get the big picture, exploring the way we make a difference.

You are getting closer to us. Now it’s clear which knowledge and skills you want to develop – the ones that will help you succeed in the future. It’s also the time to take advantage of your experience and to have a challenging leadership opportunity. You will be able to participate in projects with us and/or to become a Community Team Leader of a team of 5-10 Shapers.

You have grown along with us. Your willingness to change the world is increasing and you are asking us how we can help you do so. We will involve you in our main mission: provoking a mindset change – to promote what we envision for our world. In other words, this means you will be able to participate or to lead some of our impact projects.

Why should you join us?

You will certainly acquire and develop your skills while getting a close look at the way a fast-growing startup works. As part of Forall Family, you will have many exclusive advantages – from training and mentoring with our collaborators to special events (both national and international). You will embody our cooperative and results-oriented culture and become part of our success story. Additionally, you will get a commission for every sale you make with us.

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