The Community Shaper is the connection between the client and the product that the latter intends to purchase. From smartphones to accessories, repairs and re-takes: there are several ways in which you have the opportunity to follow closely the customer, helping whenever possible


Several iPhones and Samsungs Semi-New with quality 100% proven by our specialized technicians.


adding to our offer of Smartphones, we also have a wide range of accessories for all kinds of needs.


Our skilled technicians repair Smartphones and Tablets (regardless of the store where they were purchased).


As part of our policy of environmental responsibility, we accept other smartphones so they can have a new life.

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Community Shapers
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Nuno Rodrigues

Ambassador Operations Manager

For me, what matters most when I’m in contact with a customer is above all to ensure that the customer is well informed regarding the product they buy and what sets us apart from the rest of the market. In this way, I guarantee that the customer will be satisfied and in the near future, in case of need, he/she will remember the service and will recourse again to our services, as I have been verifying.

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Inês Quintino


Whenever I see someone with an old cell phone or thinking of buying a new one, I always get them to know the concept of Forall Phones. After a while, many of my friends come to me to know more. At Christmas, a friend of mine wanted my help because he wanted to surprise his mother. Although he did not care much about smartphones, he wanted to offer something completely different. I went with him to the store, I helped him choose and at Christmas she loved the surprise. Nothing like a smile between a Mother and a Son: D

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Pedro Prior


Many customers, initially, due to the low prices we practice, contact us to see if the iPhone has some kind of malfunction. I, as ambassador, try to transmit as much security as possible in our services, explaining that all equipment is 100% functional. Allied to this, I always try to pass all my knowledge on the existing models and indicate which equipment best suits the needs of the person in question.

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