We are a group of people that gives importance to everything that surrounds us at every level. From brand activation in events to the organization  of activities with influencers and other social and environmental entities: this are the values that our brand intends to  transmit.
Event management
We like to meet the members of this family. That is where event organization steps in: meetings, openings, workshops… Moments like these create union in this group.
Sessions with Influencers
Day by day the digital age is stronger and has greater impact on today’s society.  We leave some examples of influencers who identify with Forall and are part of the family.
Partnerships with organizations
Forall Family has always had an active role in relation to partnerships with SAs and not only, because of the large number of ambassadors who are university students.
Social and environmental activities
Taking into account the social and environmental values of the brand, we have already planted trees in the Leiria pinewood. We have organized volunteer work at Casa dos Animais in Lisbon and we will continue to work on solidarity and the environment..

Meet the most influent Community Shapers

Mafalda Amarelo


“For me, nothing gives me more pleasure than this strong bond that I have with our community. In addition to Team leader Ambassador, I am also a social media manager and I love promoting activities to energize our community! From volunteering through the organization of Meet Ups, to the organization of photo shoots, I always put all my dedication and love to make these experiences as memorable as possible. Forall Phones is Forall Family and this is felt every day!

Volunteering in Casa dos Animais de Lisboa.

Music and video recording dedicated to the ambassadors.

Photograph store equipment.

Organization of events for ambassadors.

Organization of photo shoots

Guilherme Riscado


“When I joined Forall Phones I realized that it was much more than making sales. We have the opportunity to experience totally different branches. As was my case when I did a photoshoot for Forall Phones.

Mariana Pelicano


“For me it has been an incredible experience working with this team. I am responsible for the content of the ‘Events of the Month’ and ‘What’s next’ sections of the internal Newsletter and I confess that I am loving this challenge. The level of requirement increases from editing to editing, which makes me increasingly professional.
Recently I also participated in one of Forall Phones’ photo shoots, along with other influencers and ambassadors. It was a very exciting job and I think the final result was also very good :D.
Forall Phones is more than a mobile phone company, it is a family!”

Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Photo shoot