Being a Community Shaper at Forall Phones

Would you like to start working in a Portuguese startup? Forall Phones gives you the opportunity of working in a growing startup, with no fixed schedule and you still have the chance to work closely with smartphones and high-end technological equipment. Our Community Shapers were responsible for over 300 thousand euros in sales, 4 national encounters, social activities and much more! We are more than 200 across the country and beyond borders. If you think you have the right profile in order to be a part of this family sign up! We are waiting for you!


Does your friend need a new Smartphone or have split the screen? Suggest Forall Phones! We have a variety of equipment, accessories, service and repairs.

Content Creation

As a Community Shaper you can demonstrate your own creativity by creating relevant content that matches our values, a socially and environmentally responsible brand, premium but accessible to all.

Other Tasks

As a complement, there are other extra tasks in terms of organizing community management activities and social responsibility integrated into brand values.

Do que estás à espera?

¿Qué estás esperando?

What are you waiting for?

O que dizem os Community Shapers?

Lê o que os nossos Community Shapers têm a dizer sobre o programa e sobre a #forallfamily

¿Qué dicen los Community Shapers?

Lee lo que nuestros Community Shapers tienen que decir sobre el programa y sobre el #forallfamily

What do Community Shapers say?

Read what our Community Shapers have to say about the program and #forallfamily

Today we are not just a group, we are a family. A family that can boost your talent through challenging projects in the most diverse areas. A Family that piece by piece conquers the global village we live in.

These are the opportunities of working in something that I am passionate about, and that motivates me every day to do more and better, we are all young but each of us has something to share, to teach, and I do not doubt that more than a program of ambassadors, this community will become a platform for constant learning in the most varied areas.

When I entered into Forall, I thought I would just be another person selling smartphones, but I was incredibly wrong. I grew up, as I continue doing, both personally and professionally.  Day by day I learn more and more. I earned something that no words can describe. I earned a family.

To be a part of Forall Family is more than to be a part of a team of young people that intend to develop their capabilities. Is to belong in a group of people that share the same ideas like all of us, is to belong in a group of friends, is to belong in a real family.

As a member of Forall  Family, I am participating in a project surrounded by people that motivate me and show me daily a growth within all levels.

At Forall we do much more than to just sell smartphones, we are a family that we will take during our lives, which give us a brutal baggage and an opportunity to grow as young professionals and as people

There is nothing in this world that can pay how I feel about belonging in this unbeatable family: this is much more than an extra effort in a professional matter, it is also an extra effort to the person I am today.

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