February 2nd of 2019 was the day of the grand opening of the first physical store of Forall Phones in the Spanish capital. The support of our shapers was incredible. On the 1st of February, a completely crowded bus took us to spain, an 8 hour journey filled with lots of fun, willingness to get to know Madrid and an anxiety for the great day of the shop opening.

As soon as we got to the Spanish capital we went to the hostel to leave our bags and we were ready to start the tour so that we could get to know the wonderful city of Madrid.

Then it was time for lunch in a restaurant known as the smoked ham museum where we were able to hang out with our shapers while enjoying a lunch full of flavor and tradition. After lunch it was time to go back to the hostel and make ourselves very pretty for the opening of the first physical store in Spanish lands, the moment had live music, joy, but above all a lot of fun.

The following day, it was the turn of our CEO Jose Costa Rodrigues to make his speech, always showing that the sky is the limit and that we must always follow our dreams, and a new department of Forall Family was also presented (Bruno Silva, Mafalda Amarelo, Silvia Soria, Bernardo Pita, João Oliveira and Luiz Moriz). Congratulations to this incredible team and we hope everything goes well.

In the end it was time to have lunch and return to Lusitanian land. This visit, besides being super fun, was without a doubt quite enriching! As you can see these are more than enough reasons to not miss these meetings between shapers. In addition to the opportunity to meet new places, you also have the opportunity to get to know our community, dreams and ambition.

Sobre Mim

Hello! My name is Tania Arraiolos, I’m 25 years old, I graduated in Anthropology and I am almost finishing my master of Human Evolution and Biology.

I love to walk, to know new places, new people, cooking, love animals, my friends, and my family. These are the perfect ingredients to belong to the Forall family.

I have been an ambassador since January 2018 and in June I joined the Blog Team, being responsible for the Forall Family theme.

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