Today I am here to talk about the amazing year that Forall Family lived! There were several activities that not only made our spirit known as a community to the new shapers, but also showed the “older” shapers why we continue to do a lot of activities to spend quality moments with each other.

It was a year in which we embraced new projects, as is the case of our blog that began with the pillars of Forall: family, social and green and now we have new categories such as tech and entrepreneurship. We launched our channel on youtube, opened new stores, grew astronomically, as shapers and as a community, we expanded our name to Spain and China. When they say that the limit is the sky it is, and we are the proof of it.

Let’s see:

In February we had the second meeting in the city of Porto with an incredible amount of people, where not only was possible to know the essence of Forall Phones as well as of Forall Family.

In April we volunteered and had the meet up in Lisbon that not even the rain could ruin our day.

And in the summer? Who remembers the countless things we’ve done?

June was the meet up in Coimbra, the students’ city.

A sunset in an incredible place in Lisbon that counted with the participation of some influencers who accompany us on this journey.

We crossed the Algarve from one end to the other not only to promote our brand but also to spread our work as shapers.

We went to Paredes de Coura festival to mark our presence.

The barbecue that delighted us not only with the food but with incredible moments.

In September we had another meet up and this time it was in the beautiful city of Aveiro that besides the activities, we still had the right to a mega birthday party at the house of our shaper Bernardo Pita.

Lastly, and to end the summer in beauty was the Forall retreat where we turned  away from technology but connected with nature and above all with people.

In November, we arrived in Leiria and Coimbra with the opening of new stores, where we had a lot of fun.

Finally, we were represented in Super Bock in Stock by our brand maker Yolanda Tati.

It was an incredible year, full of achievements and we promise not to stop! Let’s continue to conquer the world, and the sky, that’s the limit. As someone once said a small step for man but a big step for mankind! Until then, stay with us. 

Sobre Mim

Hello! My name is Tania Arraiolos, I’m 25 years old, I graduated in Anthropology and I am almost finishing my master of Human Evolution and Biology.

I love to walk, to know new places, new people, cooking, love animals, my friends, and my family. These are the perfect ingredients to belong to the Forall family.

I have been an ambassador since January 2018 and in June I joined the Blog Team, being responsible for the Forall Family theme.

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