My experience with smartphones began when I was 15 years old (which nowadays can be considered a late beginning in this world). Along this three years I only had two smartphones, both Android and the reason is really easy to explain: the iPhones were (and still are) expensive and the money doesn’t stretch. The Androids  that I had worked perfectly for what I did with them, even though I always looked at the premium smartphones that came on the magazines with desire and a “Wish I was rich” going through my mind.

However, I was always curious to know how would it was to have an iPhone, to know if its fame corresponded to what the brand offers and, above all, if the prices, that to me seem slightly insane, made sense. And that is how I had the idea of switching my humble Xiaomi with 3GB of Ram for an IPhone, during two weeks, and use it in my day-to-day life.

The chosen one was the iPhone 7 Plus, given by Forall Phones, with 128GB of storage and the  3GB of RAM that my Xiaomi already offered ( but not in the same way)!

In the first contact with this little device, I was praying to all the angel not to drop it. After all, I had in my hands, 539€ (Forall’s price) in the shape of a beautiful smartphone, with a fascinating design, but it seemed that at any moment was going to destroy itself. The usual when you have a new smartphone…


The first munites 

I started it, configured it in my own way, installed the apps needed for my day-to-day (social networks, photo editors, productivity tools, financial applications, etc.) and was ready to use. The truth is that during this configuration process I was absolutely blown away by the fluidity of the mobile phone, whether to install apps and open them, or to switch between them, in a multi-tasking, for lack of a better word, extraordinary . As for the performance, the iPhone was already approved there and my Xiaomi was set aside, as you would expect.


A câmara

Up next, I tried the thing that I was looking forward the most: the camera. Looking at the characteristics of both back cameras that the iPhone 7 Plus offers, my expectations were high. Being a photography lover, a smartphone with a good camera is indispensable and I must say that after a few tests in which I submitted the camera of the iPhone to various tests (photos with low / light, close photos, photos from far, optical zoom vs digital zoom, portrait mode, slow motion video, etc.), I was amazed. The result was breathtaking detailed photos, vivid colors and very close to reality, enhanced with a depth effect that gives a professional touch to the photos, self-esteem riser selfies and simply amazing and fluid 4K videos thanks to its image stabilizer. Again, Apple exceeded my expectations. You can find the results of my tests here aqui


Not everything was easy

However, not everything needs to be positive, it was in my first day of use that I came across with an obstacle. As usual, at night, I went to Youtube to create a playlist with the videos that I wanted to see layed in bed. I layed down, I reached my hand to grab my earphones and by trying to put them in my headphone jack, which I was used too, I got a reality check: the iPhone 7 Plus does not have a headphone jack. Since I did not had the adapter Lightning-jack 3.5mm, I went back to my faithful companion Xiaomi, this one with a headphone jack, and watched my videos, while the iPhone was in time out.


The operating system

As for the operating system, the adaptation was relatively easy. The differences from the Android system are quite a bit, but somehow iOS turns out to be more intuitive, even for someone who is using it for the first time. Things seem to belong to your site and are easy to find, and there is no kind of learning curve. In addition, and entering more geeky fields, something that snatched me up on the iPhone was the remarkable work that the software team and Apple’s hardware team run together, bringing features to their mobile phones, such as 3D Touch, which are without shadow of doubt genius. The simple fact that your display has enough intelligence to feel and distinguish levels of pressure, responding differently to each other, is absolutely incredible and something that distances Apple from Android in the path of innovation.


To summarize this first part, the iPhone proved to be a magnificent, excellently equipped and affordable mobile phone. Do not miss the second part, right here, on the Forall blog!

Sobre Mim

Olá! Sou o Iúri Ferreira e entrei na Forall como embaixador em fins de Setembro de 2018. Estou a tirar uma licenciatura em Marketing na ESTG-IPL. 

Comunicação, tecnologia e inovação são três coisas pelas quais tenho um grande bichinho, tendo por isso aceitado o desafio de integrar a área de Tech do blog da Forall. 

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