Forall Family’s community, organized last month of October, in Coruche, an event which the aim was to disconnect from technology and connect to the nature and the people from our community.

In today’s world, where technology is at the heart of everything, where smartphones are getting better and better, the biggest challenge is knowing how to disconnect from the virtual world. Increasingly, the interactions and information we receive are larger, which means that every minute there is a need to go to the social networks, post photos in real time and check the mails. That is, we live in an era where it is necessary to be online to “interact” with people. It may seem strange, how a company that is connected to technology is willing to take a few days off and don’t touch their smartphones, computers, etc, however, if we think about it, it is extremely important for the human being to understand that before technology people lived, and lived well.

It is also important that we are more connected with ourselves, with the nature, with life itself and mainly breath a little without having to worry about social network, email’s among others.

Of course technology is a part of our lives and nowadays is more usual than ever, but technology needs to be used for good, always knowing when there is a need to disconnect. And as we can understand with the testimonies of two shapers who participated in this event, was undoubtedly an event to be repeated and that brought even more unity within our community, being able to enjoy the moment more and better.

Helena Neves’ Testimony::

It was an exceptional weekend where I had the opportunity to socialize with Forall Phones’ Shapers, but also full time staff. The goal was to spend two days without technology, in the middle of the nature and full of activities to get to know each other better.
I had the opportunity to meet incredible people, whom I want to keep in touch with and, who knows, work with them.
The union between all was notorious and I hope to repeat a weekend like this!

Tatiana Filipa’s Testemony:

Once it was told that by the time we reach the age of responsibility, we spend 90% of our time doing what we do not like and only 10% of what we truly like. Today, I feel lucky, lucky to be happy 7 days a week and to be able to say that I work with amazing people in a place that allows union, friendship and commitment, as values.

This was proven, on 26 of October of 2018, which brought with it the realization of Forall Retreat, an event that I had the opportunity to be part of and to make unforgettable stories.

In the first instance, I would like to congratulate the organizing team. The dynamics were excellent and, without a shadow of a doubt, they were key factors for good moments of fellowship and happiness. We had the chance of spending 3 amazing days with some surprises, such as the 100% vegan regime taught by our vegan master Mafalda Amarelo. Do meditation, and games that require teamwork, excellently thought out and executed by our dear Silvia. And never forgetting the memorable shows given every morning, where even the most deep voice made a falsetto.

It is moments like these, with a family like this, that fill my heart with pride. Of course, here individuality will never be privileged, for there is nothing stronger than a united group and Forall Family is the proof of it.

To all the shapers and full time team, I strongly advise you to participate actively in all the opportunities that Forall provides you, for I assure you that you will leave with the greatest sense of accomplishment.

In conclusion, I am missing the words to show how grateful I am for all this experience and for each one of you for making me feel at home. 

Now, I challenge you! Try to turn off your smartphones during the day and dedicate that day only to yourself, it will be strange but it will also feel very well, since you will be more connected to be real world.

Sobre Mim

Hello! My name is Tania Arraiolos, I’m 25 years old, I graduated in Anthropology and I am almost finishing my master of Human Evolution and Biology.

I love to walk, to know new places, new people, cooking, love animals, my friends, and my family. These are the perfect ingredients to belong to the Forall family.

I have been an ambassador since January 2018 and in June I joined the Blog Team, being responsible for the Forall Family theme.

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