Who was of the era of the Super Mario game raise your hand! Surely, you remember the stages of the game in which Mario had to hit his super strong wrist on the brick and take as many coins as possible, as well as catch the mushroom to increase its size, with the goal to overcome the difficulties, that were appearing throughout the game, until arriving to the castle and raise the flag that lead to the Princess Peach, thus saving her.

Well, we’re not just shapers, we’re SUPER SHAPERS. And now, you must be asking yourselves what is the relationship between shapers and the Super Mario game. Am I right?


Let me explain. When our super shapers join our program they go through some interviews to understand if they have the profile we are looking for. After these interviews, and after being selected, they will belong to a team that will help them in the most varied ways and they will have goals, such as sales, content, creativity, etc. And this is where it all begins. With each day that goes by our shapers sell more, create more and show their talent in the most varied areas, thus achieving their personal and professional goals.


Let’s then find our similarities:

Super shapers vs Super Mario

Sales = Bricks that give coins

Content creation = go through the pipes to go to another part of the game

Grow inside the Forall = Catch the mushroom

Sales cancelled = going through obstacles (turtles, etc.)

Talent = reach the castle and hoist the flag

(any similarity is pure coincidence)

And when our shapers hoist the flag, we’re ready for the next level! It’s just the beginning of another journey because here, we bet on talent and we make sure the best of each one is enhanced.


Sobre Mim

Hello! My name is Tania Arraiolos, I’m 25 years old, I graduated in Anthropology and I am almost finishing my master of Human Evolution and Biology.

I love to walk, to know new places, new people, cooking, love animals, my friends, and my family. These are the perfect ingredients to belong to the Forall family.

I have been an ambassador since January 2018 and in June I joined the Blog Team, being responsible for the Forall Family theme.

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