Today we will meet Bernardo Pita! Bernardo despite his young age is a person who works as a mature person, who likes to help but most of all who is involved in countless projects inside and outside of Forall Phones.


“Hello, my name is Bernardo, I am from Aveiro, more specifically, Vagos. I study Management at the University of Coimbra and do some content creation and design work while studying. I like to do sports, to be with my family and friends, and I like to go out of the house for a walk. I am 20 years old, and inside Forall Phones, I am part of the content creation team, Instagram and I am also a shaper.


I joined the program that was formerly called as “ambassadors” in January of that year, and since then my love for this project has not stopped. After a month and a half I became a team leader, after the kick off in Porto (an event that gave me a huge motivation!), and after that, I was always growing and learning. After having demonstrated skills in content creation I was invited to join the Instagram team, where I was managing the content and instastories, and later after the release of IGTV I took over the reins and started to produce content on this new “feature”. I worked during the month of July at the headquarters with our Art Director, Tomás Delft, and our Community Manager, André Couceiro. I can say that it was an extremely useful experience, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level.


Forall Family is an incredible family, the differences in me between the time I entered to this moment as I am writing this text is abysmal, because at that time there were about 80/90 “ambassadors” in this family, and at the moment we have about 200 shapers and we are growing faster and faster, with more and more opportunities and chances to grow.


I fully believe that anyone can play an important role in Forall’s growth, and in the shapers program. With dedication, effort and with a doubtless commitment to the brand, it is possible to participate in activities and be involved in projects much beyond than just sales.


I recently read a text that said: “It’s the will, not the skill”, this fits perfectly here, we look for people, not CV’s, if you are willing to work, we always have room for you and your ideas!


Hugs, Bernardo”


Here is another excellent testimony, we are much more than sales and there is room for everyone, as Bernardo said: “with dedication, effort and commitment” it is possible to go very far within our project.


Sobre Mim

Hello! My name is Tania Arraiolos, I’m 25 years old, I graduated in Anthropology and I am almost finishing my master of Human Evolution and Biology.

I love to walk, to know new places, new people, cooking, love animals, my friends, and my family. These are the perfect ingredients to belong to the Forall family.

I have been an ambassador since January 2018 and in June I joined the Blog Team, being responsible for the Forall Family theme.

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