There are many terminologies, or it would not be for the limit of our imagination, but the most common name is Volunteer Manager.

Who has never been called for a volunteer project and felt not useful or that there was a lack of orientation, coordination or organization? I know some cases! And some people are not impressed with volunteering because of a bad experience.

The greatest resource of volunteering is people and we can not ignore this or ignore the sustainability of the whole project. To prevent this, the Volunteer Manager was created and on the 5th of November, it was the day of its international celebration.

Starting any unplanned volunteer activity without a person in charge of management can be a bad omen for a good cause.

Volunteering is a voluntary and free-choice activity without salary, and in order to retain volunteers and maximize their productivity, it is important that there is a dynamic and functioning support network during all phases of the project.

Volunteering should be developed in an organized way, with a planned evaluation method and open to adjustments for improvement. This way, the volunteers very naturally fulfil goals, add value, renew motivation and indulge in a project that also becomes their own.

I speak of a complete, serious and structured volunteer management system. Effective management that includes continuous communication among all stakeholders, training and monitoring of volunteers, clear definition of objectives and tasks, presentation of results achieved, recognition of individual work and dissemination of achievements and the impact created.

The Volunteer Manager is the one responsible for ensuring all of this! It is the professional who develops and executes volunteer programs in an organization and coordinates the volunteers. With a mission focused on contributing to a more fair and balanced society, it is through the programs that he/she develops that the transformation of communities continues.

At a time of “busy people” and “busy schedules,” the volunteer demands that your time will be well spent and having a Volunteer Manager in an organization is a won bet!


Think social, change the rules!

Rafaela de Melo

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