After many rumours and previsions, the new iPhones have officially arrived: the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr. It is a new generation of iPhones centred on one of the most requested features of the last years by users of apple: a big screen. Let’s start with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max:

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

At this moment, I am talking about the models that clearly will be the premium of Apple during the next year. It cames without doubts, the models that will replace the current iPhone X in the definitive market. It should be highlighted, that iPhone Xs Max is considered a version “Plus” given that, the only difference is its 6,5’ screen comparing with the 5,8’ of the iPhone Xs. In the rest, we are talking of a device quite powerful when comparing to iPhone X:

  • Photographic camera
    • We are talking about an equipment with the same double 12MP camera and opening of f/1.8 in the main sensor and of f/2.4 in the telephoto but the rest, thanks to the new software (Smart HDR that automatically improves the quality of the photo) and hardware (mainly in terms of processing) implemented in this model, it is expectable to obtain even better result, in photographic terms.
  • Processing
  • Price
    • Its release is planned for the same values of iPhone X is currently on the market being that, it is not suggested at all to buy the iPhone X at its current price. Alternatively, you might see it at a more accessible price at Forall Phones;).

iPhone Xr

One of the rumours pointed that, in the last days, would be the existence of a model that would succeed iPhone SE. That rumour did not materialize since, for the moment, it has only been released high and medium range. It is very likely that during this year will be released an iPhone SE 2 or better saying an iPhone Xc seen that, the market of smartphones with the medium screen is still a lot.

The iPhone Xr is clearly a medium rage model that brings considerable differences when comparing to a high range: a great variety of colours that reminds the iPhone 5c but clearly with another design treatment that Apple has been getting us used to in recent years. However, it important to emphasize that the main differences between the new high range models when comparing to the iPhone Xr:

  • Photographic camera

    • We are talking about an equipment with a 12MP camera with the same opening of f/1.8 in the sensor and likewise a new software (Smart HDR that automatically improves the quality of the photo) and hardware (specially in terms of processing) implemented on the other two new models, so it is expected to obtain not so different results from the other two new models.
  • Processing
      • We are talking about a device that has the same A12 processor but, it is estimated that it will have a RAM slightly inferior to the superior models of 3GB. Still, it is possible to say that it will have a better performance in terms of processor and battery (+30 min) than iPhone X.

  • Screen
    • From the way I see it, this is one of the biggest cuts of iPhone Xr from iPhone X, Xs and Xs Plus: the resource of an LCD screen. The OLED screen despite more expensive is effectively a higher-quality screen solution than LCD. However, it is predicted that the LCD screen in question has been improved and do not transmit that much difference when comparing to the models above.
  • Price
  • Its release is predicted with a price that is 25% cheaper than the current one of iPhone X.

These are clearly big upgrades to the current variety of Apple’s iPhones However, I must highlight that these models are essentially dedicated to the people that prefer a really big screen on their equipment. Soon, all of this equipments will have more accessible prices at Forall Phones at the distance of a click or close to you in one of our physical stores.

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