We all have heard about the benefits that Erasmus brings: get to know new cultures, develop new habits and develop a lot of soft skills necessary as students and professionals. 

And what if you had the opportunity to create a company while doing Erasmus? Since  2009 this is possible!


The Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is a program financed by the European Commission, with the aim of allowing young people to develop their business ideias and management capacities with more experienced entrepreneurs ( that own or are managers of a company located in one of the adhering countries – 28 members of the European Union, USA, Norway, Republic of Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Israel, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania or Serbia).

During your stay, that varies between 1 to 6 months, young people will have access to important tools to initiate the new project (contacts, workshops,etc.) and will receive a monthly value around 530 and 1100 euros, depending on the cost of life of each country.

And what is the benefit for the companies that will help you? Besides the daily contact with foreign entrepreneurs, tha might be very useful to future business or partnerships, they also have an advantage of benefiting from the creativity and competitive spirit of these young college students.


Concluding, I leave you another initiative (this time quite international), where you can work and develop your ideas. If you have a business “in mind” but lack the basic tools to get started, this is the opportunity! The registration process is done online, on the website www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu.


Improve every day. Create impact

Daniela Cardoso

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