Nowadays, the duration of the battery is one of the main concerns of any user of a smartphone. Despite the constant software updates, Apple continues being criticised for the duration of the battery of the iPhones. The truth is that the new functions and resoursces implemented, end up consuming more battery. In this way, is fundamental to create a balance between resources used and battery consumed. Keeping in mind this problem, we will present 6 hints that might help you save and increase the duration of your iPhone’s battery.


  1. Activate the Low Consumption Mode

This resource is available since the IOS 9 and is one of the most effective methods that allows you to save battery. When this mode is activated, the light on your screen is reduced, actualizations in second plan and Siri is deactivated, among others. To activate this mode, you only need to access Settings -> Battery -> Low Consumption Mode.


  1. Reduce the light on your screen

One of the components that spends the most battery in any electronic device is the screen. In this way, the brighter it is, the greater the battery consumption. In this regard, it is recommended to decrease the brightness of the screen, as well as to deactivate the mode that allows you to adjust the brightness automatically, since the constant checking of the lighting conditions also consumes battery. In order to activate these settings, simply access through Settings -> Screen and Light.


  1. Wallpaper

Using a wallpaper with motion effects, such as 3D effects, can be a major threat to battery life. Special effects require increased battery consumption. In this sense, it is recommended to use a static wallpaper. In order to turn off this feature, simply access Settings -> Wallpaper -> Choose a New Wallpaper-> select the option Still.


  1. Turn off the automatic change of time

The IPhone has a feature that allows the time indication according to the user’s location. Despite the usefulness of it, the truth is that it consumes more battery, in that it has to use the location services to decipher its location. To disable this feature, simply access Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> deactivate the option Set automatically.


  1. Turn off the wifi

Turning the Wi-Fi on means the iPhone is at least constantly searching for a Wi-Fi signal. If you are not using Wi-Fi, or if you are in a location where the Wi-Fi signal is more weak, it is recommended that you turn off Wi-Fi to prevent the equipment from running more battery life.
However, it’s always good to point out that it’s more advisable to use Wi-Fi than mobile data as it consumes even more battery life.


  1. Activate airplane mode

Enabling airplane mode is one of the best strategies to save your iPhone’s battery. This disables voice services, mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This mode can be used, for example, when the battery is quite low and you do not need to use your smartphone. One of the advantages of putting the iPhone in airplane mode is that it charges faster. Since it does not emit signals or receive them, battery wear is reduced, allowing faster charging. To activate airplane mode, simply go through Settings -> select Flight mode.


Here are some strategies that will save you the battery of your iPhone!


Nuno Costa

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