About 3 years ago Forbes stood out the portuguese entrepreneurial spirit and there have been many young portuguese entrepreneurs mentioned as “brilliant” minds who created their own business “from the bottom”.

Nothing like a little (big) example to sharpen our entrepreneurial spirit, right? So, here are 5 young portuguese that before their 30s, built their future:


José Costa Rodrigues

At 16 years old he sold his first used smartphone with profit. Five years later had already revenues of 1 million euros and was

Currently, Forall is present also in Spain and Poland and has annual revenues that surpass the expectations for a company with just 3 years of life.


Miguel Pina Martin 

It all started in 2007 when Miguel Pina Martins was doing his final bachelor project and realized that creating and selling educative toys would be profitable.

With his own and external capital ( risk capital and 15 initial shareholders, amongst students and professors), Science4you was born in 2008,  quickly was internationalized and is currently in Spain, United Kingdom and, more recently, in the United States, with annual revenues of over 20 million euros.


Miguel Santo Amaro 

The history of Miguel started in 2012, after finishing his bachelor degree and, with two friends, Mariano Kostelec and Ben Grech, decided to create a digital startup with worldwide significance: Uniplaces.

With 22 million euros raised in funds (the biggest A serie investment ever seen by a portuguese startup), they expanded the firm to markets such as Germany and Italy and are today, the biggest portuguese platform of student house renting.

Uniplaces’ goal is to serve as an intermediary between landlords and students, giving confidence to the first ones about who is going to be living on their houses and to second ones about the commodities they will find.


Pedro Freire e António Nunes 

The last two young men that I have to present to you are a pair. Pedro Freire and António Nunes were colleagues at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and in 2015 founded Mercadoni: a platform with over 100 supermarket chains that makes house deliveries in Latin America, in less than an hour.

And their “empire” does not end here… They also have two more companies (in partnership with another group) of ecommerce: Linio, also in Latin America and Zalorna, in Asia, that all together have revenues of about 500 million euros annually.



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