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At Forall Phones we are making premium technology affordable while addressing social and environmental issues. We created Forall Family to capture and express two of our dearest convictions: that technology should be for all, and that everyone has a role creating and promoting a more sustainable world. This is the way we are co-provoking, with our clients, employees, partners and highly-motivated youngsters, a new mindset. A mindset that is based on a fulfilled life without compromising the generations after us.

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Our authenticity makes us act socially responsible no matter what. Our passion doesn’t allow us to ever give up. We are rebels enough to not stick to the status quo and to always strive for a better future. A future where we all feel empowered human beings: the type of futures that pushes humanity forward. More than changing the rules of the game in business, we are building a community of sustainability-driven changemakers. Step by step, we are changing the world. This is your time. Why not join us?


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We are the rebels

The misfits, not fond of rules.
You can’t ignore us because we change things with our boldness.

We are the kind ones

People fundamentally good, altruist and that find happiness in the happiness of others.

We are the environmentalists

The people who feel the responsibility of achieving a better
and more sustainable future for all.

We are the minimalists

The people who only care about the important things. Living a meaningful life with less.

We are the revolutionaries

People who think different, feel different, behave different.
We can’t easily fit into the square of the current systems. We challenge thoughts,
processes and the status quo.

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